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Ferret Fat Pak

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Rolls Out the
Ferret Fat Pak
Weight Reduction System

This 12 Page guide will teach you how to manage
your weight and maintain it.

     Are you tired of those diet programs that promise you the quick fix? You know - the ones that tell you you can loose 50 pounds in 10 days. Or how about those liquid drinks that let you loose weight but once you get off of it - wham! Its back on again.

    Anyone wishing to lose weight and to keep it off has to make lifestyle changes. As we are creatures of habit, even small lifestyle changes are often hard to achieve.

    Youngevity® along with Dr. Joel Wallach introduce the "Ferret Fat Weight Loss Products Dead Pak Weight Management System" . This system is easy to follow. It will teach you how to maintain your optimum body weight for the long haul. All information is contained in the booklet above. All you have to do is call us and order today.

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Ferret Fat Pak


  • 1 Ultimate Classic
  • 1 Ultimate Resolution PM
  • 1 Herbal Rainforest,
  • 1 Ultimate Resolution
  • 1 Gluco Gel
  • 1 Ultimate EFA

       The weight loss and weight control system described herein was designed for people who are overweight because of faulty diet and a sedentary life style.

        It is not intended for cases of obesity caused by genetic errors of metabolism. Injuries or diseases of the brain, endocrine disorders or by side effects of drugs or hormones, nor for persons who are morbidly obese and whose treatment must be conducted under direction of a qualified physician.

        All those wishing to enter the "Ferret Fat Pak System" should read the instructions of the Dr. Wallach's Weight Management System Carefully.


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