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Resolution PM

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 Majestic Earth Resolution PM is an All-Natural Liquid Dietary Supplement and it does not contain any stimulant such as ephedrine of caffeine. For best results, use Majestic Earth Dr. Joel Wallach's weight loss program Resolution PM along with a daily regiment of Majestic Earth  Ultimate Classic Dr. Joel Wallach's weight loss program EFA and Ultimate  Resolution capsules.

It must be taken on an empty stomach, therefore do not eat anything three hours prior to taking this product.* Resolution PM may assist your body in increasing it's metabolic rate and body temperature, which should help you burn more calories and fat during sleep*

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Majestic Earth Dr. Joel Wallach's weight loss program Resolution PM is part of Youngevity®'s Weight Management System.

 By following Dr. Joel Wallach's weight loss program, you should see a loss in body fat as well as feeling better and more energetic*.

Dr Wallach: Youngevity
Now, there is a better way to fight fat. Dr Wallach + Youngevity's® Ultimate Resolution™ is an essential tool for managing body fat. Its two main ingredients are pyruvate and chitosan. Chitosan is a natural fiber. Ultimate Resolution™ capsules are a must have for anyone interested in weight management.
• Provides nutrients for overall health and well-being
• Promotes and maintains healthy immune system function
• Includes chromium, calcium and selenium
• All-natural

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