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The Duck Pack Formula.

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The Duck Pack Formula.

 Dr. Wallach's Duck Pack Formula Even if you have a sweet tooth, this formula will help you. Check over the information in the "Pig Pack" formula because this formula is basically the same except that you add the Sweet Eze and definitely the E.F.A.

5 oz. calcium rich orange juice (count the juice in your diet as usual) or water

1 oz. Majestic Earth Ultimate (Classic or Tangy Tangerine)

1 oz. Majestic Earth (regular) Minerals

2 E.F.A. (essential fatty acids)

2 Sweet Eze with every meal

Take formula twice a day if you're over 120 lbs.   Once a day, if under.


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 Dr. Wallach's Ultimate "Duck Pack" Formula

Diabetics, Consult your Physician prior to trying program.

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