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Glacial Milk

Glacial Milk" is a mixed liquid, a solution of ionic ally dissolved elements and a suspension of the finely ground rock dust ground from the living parent rock of the mountain by glacial friction. The suspended minerals in "Glacial Milk" are referred to a metallic colloidal minerals . The average particle size of the metallic colloidal minerals are 7,000 time smaller than a human red blood cell - so small they can only be seen with an electron microscope... Colloidal Mineral Supplement

The raw rock inorganic colloids cannot pass through semi permeable membranes and therefore produce little or no osmotic pressure, depression of the freezing point of water (unlike a salt solution) or elevation of the boiling point. These molecular mini-alloys or aggregates carry a uniform negative electric charge..

Plants such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts take up these inorganic metallic colloids and convert them into intracellular (within the cell) organic plant colloids. These organic plant colloids are the form of minerals found in and used by all living cells of plants, animals and humans. It is the eating of plants rich in organic colloidal minerals that is the secret of health and longevity of the five cultures we have called the "Age Beaters"!

When these centenarians do die, it's not from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke or any other of the myriad of "natural causes", "infirmities", or other diseases that plague western cultures; they do not spend their last hours, days, weeks, months, or years in clinic waiting rooms, in line at the pharmacy, in hospitals, or nursing homes..."  

When a centenarian does die, it is usually in the cold of the winter. Hypothermia is the most common cause of death in these long-lived cultures.

Organic colloidal minerals derived from plants are 98% absorbable as compared to 8%-12% bio-availability for metallic minerals. The serendipitous irrigation of their terraced fields with the common denominator of "Glacial Milk" from the mountains containing 60 or more minerals is the secret of the five cultures who live to be 120 to 140 years of age. Only they have been able to fulfill their genetic potentials for longevity - and they have done it without the "blessings" of modern high-tech medicine, vaccines, antibiotics, steroids, or transplants.

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