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Are these Colloidal Minerals Important? You bet your life they are important and every time you don't take them in every day you are chopping off a few hours or a few days of your life. Ok, now most people are not going to go to Hunza or Tibet or Titicaca because we don't have Kenmore kitchens there or even Saturn cars or TV changers, channel changers or electricity. They don't have insulated houses. They don't have central heating or air conditioning. But what they do have is Colloidal Minerals. Now, the only place you can get these in the United States is from a Prehistoric Valley in southern Utah, that according to geologists seventy-five million years ago, have sixty to seventy-two minerals in the walls, in the floor of that valley and those trees and the grasses in that valley and that forest took up all the metallic minerals and made colloidal minerals in their tissues. About that time there was a volcanic eruption which entombed that valley with a thin layer of mud and ash, not thick enough or heavy enough to crush or pressurize this into oil or coal. It was very dry in here so it never became fossilized or petrified. Okay. Never became rock. Today, if you put a shaft into this valley, it's still just dried hay. I've bucked a lot of hay bales, so I know what hay looks like. And this stuff is just hay. It's seventy-five million years old hay according to geologists. You can still see the grass and the leaves and the twigs and the pine cones and the bark and so forth. And we grind this plant material up into a flour, very small particle sized flour, just like a good wheat flour and for three to four weeks we soak it in filtered spring water and when it reaches a specific gravity of 3.0. it's very heavy, it has thirty eight grams of this Colloidal Mineral in it per quart or liter and by actual analysis it has sixty Colloidal Minerals in it!
This particular product has been on the market since 1926. It's the only nutritional product on the market that has a legal consent decree from a federal court and an approval from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to be harvested and sold as a nutritional supplement. Everybody else who has a vitamin or mineral or 'whatnot' just follows the labeling requirements of the FDA. This is the only one that, in fact, has a federal consent decree to do it because it passed all their tests. It's the only one that has been put to this level of test because it works. People were running around twelve to fifteen years ago saying, "Hey, my Arthritis got better." "My Diabetes got better." "My early cataracts went away." "My white hair turned black again." "My Knee arthritis got better" and so they thought they must be putting Cortisone, Predazone, Antibiotics or Drugs in that stuff and when they examined it for 2 years it only had 60 colloidal minerals in it.

What I want to do now is take about 2 to 3 to 5 minutes how ever many questions you want and we'll run around here and ask a few questions. But just before I do that I want to tell you that for those of you who want to and we'd like you to do this just one or two at a time ah if your interested or if you have to leave you can stop by the table and pick up your copy of US Senate document 264 don't forget to do that. If you want to buy one bottle of product you can do that um if you want to become a wholesale buyer ask the ladies back there you can do that . Because my daddy always taught me that if you can buy something wholesale don't spend thirty percent more and buy it retail. O.K. we'll pay the shipping if you buy wholesale we'll pay the shipping. That's a pretty good deal. Anyway, are there any questions here? Anybody have any questions? Oh I should also tell you too if we run out and we may run out of stuff just go ahead and order it and we'll ship it and you'll get it in about 7 days.

DOCTOR WALLACH: O.K. any questions???? Yes mam. (inaudible) O.K., she asked , for the rest of you and also for the tape , she asked
Can minerals prevent birth defects? The answer is yes. I didn't go into that today in my introduction cause I was trying to ram through allot of things in a short period of time. But we learned in Veterinary Medicine how to prevent, 98% of all birth defects. This includes ones thought to be genetic in livestock. We prevent down syndrome, MD, cystic fibrosis, heart defects, cleft pallets, cleft lips, spinabifida, heart defects, hernias, We prevent all those things with what we call " Preconception nutrition "We give to all livestock and laboratory animals for 60m to 90 days before conception 60 to 90 days before pregnancy we give them optimal nutrition and optimum vitamins and minerals. so when that pregnancy occurs the embryo develops in optimal nutrition. In humans we wait till they miss one or two or three periods, they go to their OBGYN who gives her his blessing and says yes my dear your pregnant now you may have your pre natal vitamins. The human brain, spinal cord and heart form in the first twenty eight days of pregnancy. Do you think by getting your prenatal vitamins at the 60th or 90th or 120th day of pregnancy your going to prevent disease in that embryo ? Absolutely not. So yes we can prevent 98% of all birth defects.

Yes sir....Question from audience about asthma.....5 year old child with asthma . Doesn't matter if your five years old or 45 years old with asthma, asthma a very easy one to deal with because you have three deficiencies in asthma, so write it down cause you may not remember this there's three deficiencies, it's a complex deficiency disease and by the way , those of you who got the book Lets Play Doctor it's in there in quite a bit of detail. Also if we've run out of books go ahead and order it and we'll ship it to you, you'll get that in about seven to ten days and send it book rate. Asthma is caused by a deficiency of magnesium, manganese and the essential fatty acids. This can be aggravated and it usually is by a disease called celiac disease where people are allergic to wheat gluten or cows milk albumin. And allot of times they have to get off of the wheat, and they had to get off of dairy as well as take in magnesium, manganese, and the essential fatty acids. And I'll tell you right now my philosophy even though we know the three things that are involved with asthma, the deficiencies, take in 90, take in 90, don't just take in those three. If you want to take in a little extra of those three on top of those 90 that's O.K. do it, but don't just take in three.

Question: Is palatable? Doctor Joel Wallach: Is it palatable? Will it taste good yeah. Um you have to put these things in juice, put it in juice, its not palatable for an adult. But if you want to live to be 120 who cares, who else...

Yes sir... Question. too low to hear Dr. Wallach: Multiple Sclerosis, your asking if oxygen will help Multiple Sclerosis. And the answer is sure it will help, but you have to do other things. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson disease , and ALS or Lou Garrets disease. Apparently now are all the same. It just depends on the type um um really on the brain that these changes occur, the damage occurs. If you get the damage in the basil cells of the brain, you get um Parkinson's disease. If you get the damage in the motor part of the brain, you get Multiple sclerosis. If you get the damage in the brain stem, an the upper part of the spinal cord you get Lou Garrets disease. And this damage appears to be caused by a mercury poisoning. Themes two places we get mercury. Number one from our dental fillings. There's t dental experts doctors, dentists who know how to take these mercury fillings out without damaging you, so I would recommend that you find somebody apparently, YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO HOLD IT DOWN JUST A LITTLE BIT IN THE BACK, I'M GETTING TO THE POINT WHERE I NEED TO SCREAM. THANK YOU. So anyway these experts know how to take this out without damaging you further. That's one place your getting, that's probably the primary ,place that we get mercury. Another [place where you get mercury, comes from the seed coatings of seeds that are put in the ground, these are not to eat. It prevents them from going moldy, O.K. these are seed grains. Put them in the ground to grow crops and they had a mercury coating. It gets into your drinking water, the dust gets in the air, and oxygen will help you. You better get rid of that mercury, and if you take in the colloidal mineral especially colloidal selenium, it's almost a specific antidote.

Yes mam Doctor Wallach: O.K. there's a good question here she asks if there's any danger of getting too much of these minerals including selenium? And if you take these products, I don't think you could take enough, the only way you could hurt yourself is to freeze them hard, to about minus 400 degrees C, freeze them hard, haul them up on a 440 foot flag pole, stand under it and let the rope go, and let it hit you on the head. Now colloidal minerals will not hurt you, like metallic minerals can, metallic minerals can hurt you. I want you to remember that they with their pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, kill 300,000 people a year. There has not been a single person killed in America from too many minerals or vitamins, O.K.?

Yes I I way in the back Dr Wallach do minerals have any effect on preventing or curing AIDS? Now I can't tell you that cause they would put me in jail. But I can tell you this, that your immune system is made up out of 5 or 6 white blood cells your bone marrow, your liver um anti bodies, your tears , mucous, urine, um thymus, tonsils, appendix, your stomach, your skin. All of these things are part of your immune system, and they need 90 nutrients. The AIDS patients who after they get AIDS are living 5 6 7 8 years later are the ones who are pouring nutrition into their mouths, and taking oxygen supplements. I can't claim that's what's doing it, but if you look statistically the ones who are living 6 8 10 years after they're diagnosed with full blown AIDS, those are the ones who are doing well. Yes

Doctor Joel Wallach: Your daughter has three ruptured disks. How old is she? 20 and she has three ruptured disks. Did you jump off of a 10 story building in a single bound? I'm sorry ...self defense classes well that didn't defend you did it ha ha. (audience laughs) O.K.. For ruptured disks you need 90 nutrients. OK? you need boron, you need magnesium, you need copper, you need calcium. You need all these things. You need proper amounts of protein. Especially a young person like yourself. How old are you? (answer 20) Dr... W: twenty, O.K. you should be able to repair yourself very quickly. OK by your equivalent I mean four to six months. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying it. There's no guarantee your going to get 100% improvement but if you get 50% improvement, or 75% improvement you've got some progress right. But you need to take in these 90 nutrients day after day after day.

Yes mam O.K. she says how much? The standard way to take these minerals is one ounce per hundred pounds of body weight. And if you have a health challenge double that. If you have a health challenge double that. So you take in two ounces and I would suggest you look over our sister product to Mineral Toddy, and I'll come back to the questions in a minute, but this is a good time to introduce this; there is a sister product to the Mineral Toddy, called Total Toddy, let's look at them, there's Mineral Toddy, Total Toddy, Oxy Toddy, then Rain forest Toddy, then there's KM, I know a lot of you have heard of KM, it's a liquid, and let's check out the minerals, let's check out the vitamins, let's check out the amino acids, let's check out the herbs, check out the oxygen, and check out the solution that it's in...Mineral Toddy has 60 colloidal minerals they're 98% available, there's 38grams per liter, so we know a lot about that. Total Toddy is 75% by volume Mineral Toddy, Oxy Toddy is 2% by volume Mineral Toddy, not enough to give you enough minerals to be a mineral supplement, but oxygen works better when you get ten mineral cofactors, you cannot use oxygen in your cells if you don't have enough minerals. Rain forest Toddy is 60% by volume Mineral Toddy , KM has 4 metallic minerals which are 8 to 12% absorbable until you're 35 to 40 and then 35% absorbable, it includes calcium, potassium iodine and iron. That's it, 4 metallic minerals. So, if you want only a mineral supplement, which one are you going to take? Mineral Toddy, because none of these quite come up to this standard as a mineral supplement. Mineral Toddy has no vitamins added to it, Total Toddy has 16 vitamins, Oxy Toddy has none, Rain forest Toddy has none, KM has none. If you want your vitamins for the day, which one are you going to take? You're looking at Total Toddy right now; amino acids, Mineral Toddy has none, Total Toddy has 18, Oxy has none, Rain forest Toddy has none, KM has none. Herbs: Mineral Toddy has none, Total Toddy has 2 has Golden seal and Licorice root, Oxy Toddy has 99% food grade and organically grown aloe Vera juice, Rain forest Toddy is 40% the water extract and the food extract of 16 herbs, KM has 14 herbs. Oxygen has a little bit, and Mineral Toddy, you can read the analysis, Total Toddy a little bit, Oxy Toddy there's 20 drops of the 35% food grade and hydrogen peroxide in each ounce of the aloe vera juice, Rain forest Toddy, yeah, there's a little bit of oxygen in there, again go to the analysis, KM there's none, the solution in Mineral Toddy is the filtered spring water, Total Toddy is Mineral Toddy is the solution, Oxy Toddy is aloe juice, Rain forest Toddy is Mineral Toddy and KM is caramel. It's one of those things...I'll ask them...I wrote the company and said.."uh..how can you put burnt milk sugar in a health product? Oh, we don't use burnt milk sugar, we use burnt corn syrup."

Doctor Wallach: Yes sir, way in the back. (Question from the audience, inaudible) Doctor Wallach: OK, well tell them....OK. I think most of the noise is at the tables. (Audience member): OK Dr.Wallach: Yeah. (Audience member asking question about Amway) Doctor Joel Wallach: "Look at the amounts, look where it comes from, it can't do it. You get the top of the Line, XX nutrition from Amway, they have 12 minerals. You look at any multiple on the market, no matter how good they are... Shackley has been around for a long time, there top of the Line supplement, multiple has 7 minerals, Vitale has 7 minerals, you need 60; you can't get enough of those products."

Doctor Wallach: "Yes". (Audience member asking question; inaudible) Dr. Wallach: "The question is, what about red spots all over the body?" Well it could be a fungus, it could be a lot of things, and so it needs to be looked at.....(audience member questioning further) "Well if they've done tests, and they don't know what it is, the odds are it's a nutritional disease. So what you do is you put him on one ounce of Total Toddy, and one ounce of Mineral Toddy twice a day, and in 90 days see if they're gone...give me a call in 90 days.

Doctor Joel Wallach: Yes ma'am. (Audience member asking question, inaudible). Dr. Wallach: OK, calcium for Bells Palsy. Bells Palsy occurs when the nerve, the facial nerve that goes through the channels of the brain, it's the 7th cranial nerve, that aneurates all the muscles on one side of the face, when you begin to get osteoporosis, your bones try to strengthen themselves as scar tissue your bones get thicker, they they don't get stronger, but they get thicker with scar tissue. That's why the bones when they break sometimes they just fold. What happens is you don't just get that scar tissue on the outside or inside, it also goes up those channels where the nerves go through, it squeezes the nerves. So if you take in colloidal calcium, usually in 30 to 60 days that Bells palsy will go away, not guaranteed, you can't guarantee it, but you have a high probability that it'll go away. If you take in sufficient calcium, it'll never happen.

Yes ma'am (Audience member asking question, inaudible) Doctor Wallach: "Heat cramps. If you get cramps from the heat, you'd better start salting your food to taste. You look like a lady to me who...you love salt, GOOD, very good. Well, still salt your food to taste, and you made need more calcium then, if that didn't help and if you're taking calcium pills or trying to get it pout of milk you can't do it as an adult, so you're going to need, you're going to need to take in colloidal calcium.

Yes, Sir: Audience member: What about arteriosclerosis, cholesterol? Dr. Wallach: Arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, the new resource says that it's caused by the chlorine that's put in our water, to disinfect our water. It causes damage to the lining of the arteries, and if you use a good water filter, a good carbon water filter and get that chlorine out, or distilled water and get that chlorine out, you'll reduce the amount of damage to the arteries. Also, for symptoms you can take the oxygen you can take in all 90 nutrients again and that will reverse itself. You can get better, that's been shown real clearly. I don't know if you've heard about the research by Dean Arnish, he's an MD, he just put people on low fat diets, and exercise and so forth, and that alone, and he does supplement them with vitamins and minerals, you can reverse all that. You have your choice, you can go in and get a bypass, you can get all these operations, you get the balloon and this that and the other, and risk damage and dying, or you can just take control of yourself and deal with it. It's very simple.

Yes; (Audience member - inaudible) Doctor Wallach: Chronic fatigue syndrome. Epstein Barvars, can be complicated with Candida albicans which is a yeast, you get both of them, sometimes it's real bad, OK? Those are anaerobic diseases, again we discussed that on the show today, it's anaerobic diseases, and of course you want to take in all 90 nutrients to make sure your immune system is strong enough to deal with them, you need to oxygenate your body, one way of doing it is to consider taking in ozone or food grade hydrogen peroxide, get your oxygen level up in your body, you still need to do the diet in the beginning until you get things under control, it's all listed in great detail in the book "Let's Play Doctor".

Yes: (Audience member - inaudible) Dr. Wallach: Good question, If you're on heart medication, or insulin or any medication from a doctor, will these things interfere? The only time you should not consider taking in colloidal minerals or vitamins or all these nutrients, is if the doctor says "Absolutely no food!" OK? Because these are just food, this is what's supposed to be in your food. They will not interfere in any way, in fact, if that medication is going to help you, it will in fact help it work better.

Yes? (Audience member - inaudible) Doctor Joel Wallach: The question is: Will it help torn ligaments and tendons? Yes, especially if they're still hooked together, if they're not totally disrupted, if there's some connection, they can rebuild, they get stronger. OK? I've seen this happen in hundreds of people. They actually get torn... partially torn ligaments, tendons, if they're still hooked together, they can basically regrow.

Yes, ma'am; (Audience member - inaudible). Dr. Wallach: Crohn disease is an allergy very similar to celiac disease, it can be caused by a wheat allergy, or can be caused by allergies to eggs, or beef or milk or whatever, you need to do a diet diary, a loose spiral notebook, find out what you eat in detail, every meal for about 30 days, the times in which you eat them, and when you get attacks, OK? The irritable bowel thing. When you get attacks, the time a day. And you'll notice after a month you'll say: "You know, every time I eat eggs, one hour later I get an attack". And if you do that faithfully, and again it tells you how to do this in more detail in that book, you can avoid getting the surgery.

Yes: (Audience member - inaudible) Doctor Joel Wallach: Sure: if he's allergic to herbs, what would I start out with? Mineral Toddy. There's nothing in there but colloidal minerals, it's impossible to be allergic to minerals, you have to have proteins involved in order to be allergic to them. And if he won't take it, you ought to whip him about the side of the head and neck, he's a big boy.

Yes: (Audience member - inaudible) Doctor Wallach: You have to speak up mam I can't hear you. TMJ. Temporal Mandibular Joint Disease. Very painful causes problems with chewing, headaches, and all this sot of thing. TMJ is very similar to carpal tunnel disease. What happens is (Audience member - inaudible) You have that too? You got them both ! Yeah, OK they're very similar, caused by the same thing. What happens is when you don't have enough calcium, you don't have enough magnesium, you don't have enough manganese , your normal muscle pull in these areas cause a distortion of that area OK. Because the bones are too soft to do what they're supposed to do, keep that area ridged. And so what happens is you get all deformities there because the muscles are pulling on this mushy bone. Now you can go and get all the adjustments you want and all this that and the other, and get your teeth done. But if you don't take in your 90 nutrients, including those colloidal minerals it will never get better. But you can get better just by taking in the minerals. Your Carpal tunnel, and the TMJ.

Yes mam. (Audience member - inaudible) Doctor Joel Wallach:Do we tell about how much Hydrogen Peroxide in the literature? Um there are certain diseases that we do discuss that. Chronic fatigue syndrome, um AIDS, um Candida, Cancer things like that. We do in the Lets Play Doctor book. But if you really want to know allot of detail here I'd go ahead and get Ed McCabes book "Oxygen Therapies" it's blue and has white printing on the cover. You can get it in most health food stores, about $12.95 . If you're interested in Oxygen therapy's it tells you allot of detail in that book.

Any other questions? Yes Mam in the back, and I'll come up. (Audience member - inaudible) Wallach: According to Ralph Nader 300,000 patients are killed each year in hospitals alone according to medical negligence.

Yes (Audience member - inaudible) The question is for those of you that didn't hear this is how many people died from medical quackery um nutritionist . About ten.

Yes (Audience member - inaudible) O.K. if you can find a cure for Psoriasis you'll be a millionaire tomorrow..... You can make it better, but nobody's cured it.

Yes Mam. (Audience member - inaudible) Doctor Wallach: Migraine Head aches are food allergies. Keep one of those food diaries I talked to you about. Usually in about thirty days you can pick out what you're allergic to and causes the Migraine head aches.

Yes. (Audience member - inaudible) Wallach: O.K. , its Lycoplanis its a skin disease, (Audience member - inaudible) it's um all over the place? O.K., well number one well if you have something like that , and personally I don't like cortisone especially for a long period of time because it causes your immune system to go down. Try taking in the 90 nutrients. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose by getting your immune system healthy and well nourished. There is never any guarantees for that one because nobodies tried it in a big study. So its up to you to to come back to us in three months and say hey it worked or hey it didn't work. So you just try it.

Yes sir. (Audience member - inaudible) Dr.. Wallach: How do we know we're assimilating minerals? Well, one of the best ways to find out about minerals is through a hair test. A hair test is legal in any court in the land. They use it for what they call "forensic medicine". They can tell weather you've been killed with arsenic poisoning , or lead poisoning , or mercury or cadmium or any of those toxic metals. You can also get a good idea about your mineral nutrature for the good minerals. O.K., so hair analysis is the best way to do that. I'm gonna just give you a couple of thumbnail parameters. Number one. If every one of your hair mineral values is down, the odds are you're not absorbing, you have a malasorbtion disease. (Audience member - inaudible) What do you do about it? Well you have to find out the cause. Do you not have enough stomach acid? Do you um have a malasorbtion disease, you have to find those out. Again in the book Lets Play Doctor it teaches you how to read medical records , questions to ask your doctor so you can figure those things out.

Yes Mam. (Audience member - inaudible) Doctor Joel Wallach: O.K.. O.K. Chronic fibro myaliga, which is kind of a pain of the muscle around the joints, the major joints of the body, the big muscle groups what it seems to be is like almost a muscular dystrophy (MD) that's occurring in adults in small amounts it is not a precipitous whole body MD like it might be in cardio myopthy of the heart. But actually a MD partial , slow incidius onset. Its a selenium deficiency . All you have to do is take in selenium for thirty to sixty days, and if it goes away, you know that that was it. If it doesn't go away, you haven't hurt yourself. It won't hurt ya uh like pretzone will for a long period of time. pretzone won't cure anything.

Yes Mam. Barb: Dr. Joel Wallach will you all give him a big hand?


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