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Dr. Wallach: Humic shale is like the floor of a forest, very compacted dry leaves and sticks. The consistency is like dried saltine crackers or very dry oak leaves. Put them into your hands and rub them together, and it all crumbles into a real fine dust..

It's not rock. It's not fossilized. To be fossilized you need a lot of water in the area. Then, as the water soaks the plants, minerals from the water are absorbed into the plant cells, fossilizing the plant. No Water, no fossils.

But the area where the Majestic Earth colloidal minerals come from - where the humic shale is - had less than 2" of rainfall a year. So there was not enough rain to fossilize or petrify. Look up the word "shale" in the dictionary; and you'll find it's just a layered, compacted deposit of plant life which never fossilized or petrified.

And remember, the particle size in Majestic Earth colloidals is not the original material. We grind this dried plant material into a fine flour and soak it in water, leaching out the fine- particle colloidal minerals. So it's a two step process.

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Dr. Wallach-The Mineral Doctor received his B.S. Degree from the University of Missouri with a major in animal husbandry (nutrition) and field crops

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Question - So water is added to ground up shale to make Majestic Earth? Is there anything else added? Please describe the process from mining to the jug.

Dr. Wallach First, we don't use the word "Mine". Rather, we harvest these dried plants, grind them up into a very fine flour, and leach out the minerals. Of course, the plants took the minerals from the soil millions of years ago. So it's very unique. ALL other liquid minerals on the market today are a fine clay or ground up rocks. The very big difference is they're inorganic.

They may say "colloidal", but you can use the term "colloidal" even with paint. Paint is a colloidal suspension of pigments in oil. The oil is a thick enough medium that the paint pigment stays in suspension for a long time. After a while it settles. And then you have to shake it to get it all back into suspension.

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